martes, 22 de abril de 2008

Plaza España 1º, 2ª
Caracas, 1010-4

April 21, 2008

The personal Officer
Secure Guards LTD
320 The High StreetLondon SE8 0ER

Dear Sir,
I am applying for the post of Security Guard advertised in "The Standard" yesterday and I am enclosing a copy of my curriculum as requested.
As you can see, I had worked for five years as the Prime Minister’s personal bodyguard and before that I was in the army. My commanding officer and the Prime Minister can both supply you with references and their addresses can be found on my curriculum.
My experience in the army included working in Northern Ireland and the Falklands. I have also accompanied the Prime Minister on his outside travells.
I hope you will give my application serious consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Pepito Jiménez

Pepito Jimenez

Formal letter

Major street 30
La Pobla de Segur

Capital street 78

Dear Sir or Madame,

I’m writing because the new organization of the houses is a error, the neighbours (there) are (a) noisy.

First of all, on my floor on the right, stay a the Erasmus people and this, are a more noisy on the night and my children and my parents don’t sleeping on the night, by the party’s of the Erasmus people. In addition, on my floor on the left, stay a the prostitute, and my parent don’t saw a this persons because, they a old school people. And my children don’t saw this person because are affected by this persons.

I’m very disappointed with this organization and, I’m very interested with change the apartment.

Please reply as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Chinese family.

lunes, 21 de abril de 2008

Formal letter

43 Random Street
North England,
United Kingdom

22th April, 2008

23 City Hall Avenue
North England,
United Kingdom

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my opinion about the unacceptable layout wich the Town Hall has done at the new flats of Random Street.

I am one of these neighbours of the Random Flat’s; I am living on the third floor, with my new husband John. We have been married since two weeks, and then we went to live in these flats.
All has been good, however we had to met the new neighbours, a prostitute and illegal Africans. We are terrified due to (the fact that) both are illegal, the prostitute take her clients into her house and makes shouts all the time, and the illegal Africans are eleven in his tiny flat as a result of this they cannot have a shower because & are too many people, and then the stink of them come through our windows.
Apart from this, our flat is little and the noisy that the students of Erasmus make and the trumpetist on the fourth flour doesn’t let us sleep.

We try to explain this to the community president, nevertheless he refused and criticises us because we are homosexual. We are fed up, we are a simple couple which only want to be quiet and have a relax holidays, despite all of our neighbours treat us like aliens as we are homosexual, (this is repetitive).

I hope you will, in the future, consider the ethical and human rights of where we are living. We need a change.

Yours faithfully,


Marc Johanson


31, Collegats Street
25500 La Pobla de Segur
The secretary 21 April 2008
E.O.I Lleida
C/ de corregidor Escofet,53

Dear Mr García,
Thank you so much for the details of the courses and their prices. Thank you for enrolling me in her school this summer, and for give me some acomodation.
One day could you show me the school please, if you show me the school I will be very nice.
It was great to get your letter. You answer me very quickly, because I am very surprised, because, I think that you were a very busy person, and I am very amazing why you write me.
That’s all for now.

Yours sincerely,

Noemí Dolset

22 Brown Street
N55 10ZT
23rd February 2008
Social Services
Town Council
23, Main Street
Brighton, Sussex
SW20 5MT
Dear Sir / Madam,
I am writing to thank you for avernos accommodated in a flat interim arrangement until the judicial affairs of the apartment and also to tell about things that happen.
On the first floor living very few people alborotadas and evil live and some prostitutes and living every day is chaos, we can not sleep at the noises we hear, and this is every day.
I would appreciate them and settle this problem in the fastest because they no longer support.
I hope to receive news as soon as possible.
Yours faithfully,
George Smith.
33 Elm Wood Drive
Pottery. Linconshire
New England
17th July 2008

Dear sir, Meter

I am writing because he wanted to congratulate
i ton the success of your last book.
In my opinion, this book is better than to writing, because the history is more original and it is very well written.
I would like that I was telling myself since the argument of the book happened to him.

Yours faithfully,
Cristina Segú

A complain

5 Avda. Catalunya
La Pobla de Segur 25500
Alt Pirineu i Aran
Town Council of La Pobla de Segur
wn La Vila Square
La Pobla de Segur 25500

Dear Mr. Bellera,

I am writing because to complain about the troubles that my neighbours caused me last Saturday.

So, On the third floor, a group of some Erasmus students are living since September.
I had not had any problem with them yet, but in the last month this situation has changed.
Every Saturday, they organize a party in their house that is a trouble for me.
Because their parties become every week longer and longer.
In addition, the level of his music is higher and higher through the night.
I asked for them to stop the party, and the students did not stop.

I would be very pleased did something for finish this situation, because I am not the only one person that has this problem.

Yours sincerely,

Joan Macaya

Formal letter

11 Bells Street
Mearby. Wornshire
Old Suncoast
20th April 2008

Town Council
41 Yackown Street

Dear social councillor,

I am writing to you to complain about my neighbours.

I am a Chinese man and I live with my wife, my two sons and my wife’s parents. Next to my flat lives a trumpeter who practices every night, and he is not good in playing the trumpet. My mother-in-law, my father-in-law and my two sons need to go to sleep early and they can’t do it if our neighbour plays for three or four hours.

Moreover, we live above a bar and every weekend it bothers us because we hear the music al night.

Furthermore, in our building lives a noisy spinster who is always meddling in others’ lives. He’s very annoying and pestering.

Yours faithfully,

Yi Piang Ho

domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

A letter of complain

2, Lakes Street
Sussex, England
CT19 5JY

20th April 2008

Social Services
Town Council
23, Main Street

Brighton, Sussex
CT19 5JY

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a neighbour whose home has been evacuated the last Saturday and who has been relocated on the number 2 of Lakes Street. I want to tell you that my wife and I are very satisfied about your intervention. Our new flat is as comfortable as our old flat, and the installations run very well. Despite all this, I want to complain about two things.

First of all, the building has not got a lift, so, we have to go upstairs on foot. You could think that it is not a problem, because we have been placed on the first floor, however, my wife is 75 and I am 78. Moreover, my wife is suffering varicose veins, therefore, she cannot walk very well and it is really tiring for us to go upstairs on foot.

Secondly, in the building, there are some people who are very annoying. For example, on our same floor there are three foreign students. They organise a lot of parties and at night they do a lot of noise. Furthermore, there is a disco-bar on the street floor, which is also very noisy. Finally, there are some peculiar people: a prostitute and a group of illegal immigrants.

I look forward to your replay

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Gimmerton

jueves, 17 de abril de 2008

Formal letter

30 Major street
La Pobla de Segur

17th April 2008

112 Cork street

Dear Sir or Madame,

I’m writing because it happened a problem with my equipment of music and I want to solve it.

First of all, bought my equipment of music from & internet, and in the internet put that to arrive to me in three days. And my equipment of music don’t arrive.

I am very ashamed because they have deceived me, I hope that when reading this letter you realize that has hurt me much this swindle, and I hope that it fixes it.

Please reply as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Xavi Gallart.

miércoles, 16 de abril de 2008


Dear diary,

Yesterday I arrived at the residence, I met my roommate. She is strange but organized, only what I mind. Our room isn’t very big, moreover is comfortable and clean.
Today was my first day at the University of Paris and it’s cool. We haven’t had the first lecture yet because today was the presentation. I’ve been at the canteen with some new friends and they look good people. They are from lots of countries around Europe, the majority are from Italy, because there don't do this types of studies. & Is nice knowing people but I have to be careful because I don’t know them so much.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more my

Your Posts

Hi everybody, this is just to remind you of your comittment to write on this blog. Some of you hardy ever write, so don't expect good marks on attitude. As for the rest of you who contribute to have such a nice blog, congratulations.

martes, 15 de abril de 2008

Study in home

In & USA & practise the study in home. Chester is a child, that with his two best friends, they haven’t idea & that is a school, this happen in the big city of New York. 50 years old to this woman, his mother or father, they had removed them the custody of their son and more, but nowadays in & USA accepted this event not like attack for the society.
In Spain a time ago there was a case, in which the parents do the teacher of their children. And in this country can’t do of teacher in home, although they give the same subjects. Then the defendants and they said that if they guilty they went to France, because in France they can teach their children.

Superheros also fall in love

Matt wasn’t a normal man. He was a little bit special. When all was ok, he was Matt Jones, the man who works in the pet shop, famous in his district for his friendliness and his kindness. But when things were wrong, he changes his nice face for a superhero’s face, Butterflyman! With his colorful suit, his pink cloak and his mask with a flower he went to help people’s problems.

One day, when he was working quietly in the shop his pink spirit warned him of a danger. A school bus was falling down in a cliff. He closed the shop, he changed his clothes and he went to the mountains where the bus was.

In two seconds he arrived there, the children were very happy of seeing him and he went down the school bus and he tried to take it up. But he couldn’t, he wasn’t strong enough. And then, when the bus was going to fall down a bright light appeared and in the light he saw a wonderful figure. A ninety-sixty-ninety woman. With a suit of Chanel, Dior’s shoes and big Dolce&Gabanna’s sunglasses. He fallen in love immediately. The woman, who was wonderfully strong helped Butterflyman to take up the bus.

When all the people in the bus were saved Butterflyman asked the woman out. She agreed. Matt will take him to the best restaurant in the city.

Next day, Matt went to the woman’s house at ten o’clock. She opened the door, she was wonderfully beautiful. She was blonde, with blue eyes, roused lips and a better body than last day.

Matt and the woman went out in the best restaurant in the city. During the dinner they talked about their lives, the woman, who was called Venus Knowles and his superhero name was Fashionwoman, fallen in love immediately with Matt.

The days passed and they continued going out together. One day Matt asked Venus to get married, she accepted and in one month the got married.

The life of married was really nice, they were happy, Venus was pregnant and in nine months she was going to give birth. But when nine months had passed and Venus went to the Hospital to give birth to the child, there wasn’t only one child. One...two…and three babies! One boy and two girls, Troy, Hannah and Ruby.

They were very happy with the children but the problems of parents’ life arrived. Their live turned monotone and boring.

Day after day, Matt had more arguments with Venus.

One day, he decided to stop all, he split up with Venus and she agreed it.

But then, the divorce problem’s arrived. Two people wanted the custody of the three children, the house, the car, the motorbike, the CD’s, the computers…

They went to a judgement and after days of negotiation Venus had all the things and Matt had to pay some money every month for the children.

And Matt became another time the boy of the pet shop of the district. But he wasn’t, happy and nice, he turned disagreeable and unpleasant.

And obviously the suit of Butterflyman was thrown in the rubbish.

lunes, 14 de abril de 2008


From my point of view, the Catalan Countries are a Nation, with the characteristic items that all the nations have: a language, a literature, a being- manner, a history and a lot of traditions. Because of that I think that we must have the opportunity of rule us as any other country in the world. But we also need the freedom as a way to preserve our language, which is becoming more and more little.

The first thing that I want to write about is the plurality of the Catalan territory. I’m living in the most secessionist place of them, Catalonia, but there are other places, like Northern Catalonia (in France), Andorra, and Valencian Land, the Balearic Isles and a part of Aragón in the Spanish State. The situation is very different here than in València, where the Spanish colonization is not the most important problem that the population who are being tricked for their political class, is facing.

It could seem that the independentists are anti-Spanish, but I I’m really convinced that it isn’t a good option. I’m also against the position that the Spanish make in their relation with the Catalans, because I think that they don’t give us the opportunity of being autodeterminated, and the last estatut of Catalonia is a great demonstration of it. I fight for a catalanism free of this ancient and maybe fascist ticks. I look for a tolerant country, which could have a good relationship with its neighbours, like Spain. I think that the people who say being anti-Spanish or who actuate like this, are people that are only vinculated to the independentist movement for ancient symbolical motives, as well as the people who support the terrorism.

And this is the next subject that I wanted to talk about. Now, I could say that I’m very proud of the independentism of nowadays, because we have forgotten, I think that for a lot of time, the violence as a way of get our freedom. The narrow mentality of the time of Terra Lliure and other assassin groups has been buried. Now all the organizations are making a civil and participative process founded on the non-violence. And this is really the only way as we could get the independence

In a nut shell, I think that the Catalan Countries are a plural nation, with an important common element, the Catalan Language, and if we want the independence we have to work hard on the non-violence movement.

The mysterious institute

It was A January, eighteen of two thousand eight, & was a cold Friday, and was not stopping snowing.The alarms sounded to remove the institute, but & the class of first of bachillerato, there was so much noise that & was not heard.On having looked at the clock, I realized of that it was quarter to two o'clock, the hour of being going to eat. So we prepare the rucksacks for ourselves and we us prepared to go, but some kind of were, when we start lowering the stairs, Quim fix with a river of blood that was going down the floor of above, Joan and Josep M ª said of rising. But Anna, Anna M ª, Gemma, Núria and Nasi, remained waiting for us.
We raise the rest, the blood was coming from the floor where there live the boys and girls of the module. All the terrified ones, we enter to see what was happening, since it was doing a few days that a very strong smell of the floor was coming of above.We enter, everything was dark, and at the end of a corridor there was a very weak light, as if it was of a candle that was consumed slowly, us went towards the light. As we were approaching, one saw a group of people, doing a few prayers, slightly strange, with a language that we do not manage to distinguish.
Little by little we were aproaching, until we stop to observe what were seeing, suddenly Judith, Marco Aurelio, Andreu and David, to push together to this species of ritual.Cristina, Melani and Xavi were moving along of fear, but immediately they returned, all the doors of the college were blocked. Slightly very rare it, was happening in the institute, but nobody knew exactly what was happening.Suddenly the group of people it goes, with our companions, to go away even the whole multitude, to the soil I stay a symbol, which we could not interpret, Laura try it to interpret but I do not achieve it.Sergi and Koen went to see if we could go out for the fire escape, but they didn't return.
Yanina and I went to the office of the director, and there we saw that in the computer there was the same symbol that of above, we were starting suspecting, that was spending there?We look at the computer, and discover a text, something rare, it was in another language, but below were a fragment written in Spanish, was saying something of a secret sect, and that to enter her you had to drink blood. We went it manages to be explained to the others, but already they were drinking blood. We try to go out for the court, but they took me, and forced me to form a part of that sect.Five years later have happened, and I have realized of that you had the absorbed one, and it didn't have his personality.

domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

It could be real

Today I’m very happy due to I am in the “ESCAC” summer camp. In this camp I learn all about making movies, we will film our own sketch the last week of the camps in groups of five or six (that’s good because in reduced groups we can learn more). It’s wonderful being here, we do lots of activities and amazing classes and we make a lot of friends.
This camp is in Sitges, near the beach, therefore when we have & break we can go there and take a swim. I always go to the sand of the beach and I start thinking about some films and how I would make them. My best friend Brian wants to be a famous cinema director and he knows a lot, besides he teach me about rare films. Now I’m beginning the script of my new sketch... I hope some day I could make larger movies.


This sunday I had a football match in Alpicat at twelve hour a.m.
Last Saturday I was on a Birthday Party but & was sleeping at half past one!! that was very early for me!!
It was because next Sunday I had the football match and I must to get up at eight a.m. and have a shower and after this at quart past nine go to the town of Lleida(alpicat)...

I was very happy as a reason that I was on the eleven...
The match in the first half was very nice because we were winning 0-1, with a goal of Sergi Plancheria, all the team at the timeout was delighted and the coach too.
The second half began good, but the other team was very good physicaly and we were very tired, and... 1-1, they meke the drawn, it was worst.
In the eighty minute of the match, a bump between our player and an alpicat's player has resulted in a serious injury to the opponent, he broked his leg!!! he was crying a lot!!
All the people was afraid and it was a horrible clash!!
The match was stopped until the ambulance arrived to take the injured player...

I can't say any more.


When we think of "maltreatment" automatically thought of domestic violence, abuse of power, bullying, not with these terms relate to children, to children, however, are the hardest hit and most defenseless.

Under the law is considered child abuse carried out under the age of 18 when her physical or mental health, or safety are at risk, whether by acts and omissions carried out by parents or others responsible for their care to occur, then, the abuse by action, omission or negligence. We could enumerate various types of abuse:

• Physical abuse: breached any physical injuries on the body of the child, done with the intent to harm.
• Abandonment or Neglect: When parents or guardians do not meet, if you want, the basic needs of the child.
• Sexual abuse: The child is used by an adult or another child more for sexual satisfaction, and respond to this child can not give informed consent.
• Psychological abuse or emotional: Any action that produces mental or emotional harm on the child, causing disruption of sufficient magnitude to affect the dignity, alter their welfare, or even harming their health. Abused children are rarely affected by introducing a single abuse, often their impact are related. For example, a child who was physically mistreated, it is also damaging emotionally.

The psychological abuse takes the following actions that we will describe below. Sometimes these are found to be normal without repairing the ceiling where it ends a call to correct and psychological abuse begins:

- When ridiculed, it was insulting, it belittles a child, he was mistreated when he submits to witness physical or verbal violence towards family members; tying a child to any furniture, threaten, intimidate, emotional blackmail ; isolate him, deprive him of his liberty in the dark, implicitly or explicitly reject even approached the world of drugs, alcohol, the vices .... everything it can cause deterioration in the social, emotional or intellectual child.

Interestingly, this type of abuse is very assumption in our society, despite the fact that the list is very long.

This type of abuse is also linked to emotional neglect, where the child receives no affection, encouragement, support and protection required for each stage in its development staff.

jueves, 3 de abril de 2008

Tragic day

Last Thursday Genís, Oriol, Pol and I, went to practice snowboard in Espot.
Oriol had never practiced ski and snowboard and the others taught him.
When Oriol could stand on the board, we decided to go to the blue track.
In the blue track Oriol fell, and he hurt himself on his heat.
His cousin and I went to the doctor’s, immediately a snowmoto went to the blue track to search Oriol and Genís. Ten minutes later the snowmoto went down to the doctor’s, and Genís went down on his snowboard.
We went to visit Oriol, but we didn’t visit him, because the doctor heeled him.
The Doctor was very nice to us.
At one o’clock we had to return to Pobla because Oriol couldn’t practice snowboard.In a nutshell it was a terrible day for me, because never one person was hurt in front of me.