viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2007

Workbook Key

Hi everybody, I know you are busy with your exams. Remeber you have to bring your workbooks on 4th December. You can ask for the key in Porteria. Both Marta or Montse will give it to you.
Good luck.

domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2007

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2007

Are you an Internet addict?

The Internet has become part of our everyday lives. We can't probably imagine life without it. However, some people are really crazy about it and can't survive without it. Are you one of those? Do the quizz and find out.

martes, 13 de noviembre de 2007


Ever since I first met my admirable friend Lidia on-holiday camp several years ago, she has been my favourite, irreplaceable companion.

The first thing you notice about her, are her blue eyes, small upturned nose and large sensuous mouth, which make her very photogenic.

The most characteristic thing about Lidia is her humor. It is rare to cheer everybody up different situations. She is the life and soul of a party, which makes her extremely sociable.

Lidia has a very unpredictable lifestyle, for this reason she spends a lot of time exercising. She goes to a swimming pool or go to montains for practice snowboard, which I admire most.
I hope our friendship will never end.

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2007

A dream


Charlie Hunnam is an actor.Charlie Hunnam has got bright blue eyes; he has the perfect nose as his mouth and his body. He has got shiny fair hair. He was born in 1980 and he has 27 years old, therefore he is young by now.
I don’t known that he like or that he love, on other hand I love as actor, when I saw the that its name is Abandon, I fell love with him (jeje). The film is a psychological theme, is very interesting. I like a lot.
For me is very handsome, is perfect.
I would like to find a boyfriend like him, but I known that am very impossible for me because I…don’t mind.
Well, to sum up, he star in Queer as folk (Series the TV) (1999), Undeclared (Series the TV) (2001), Nicholas Nickleby (2002), Abandon (2002) this I like much, Cold Mountain (2003).


Leila has got well-built, a little short and slim body. His long and curly hair is different than other girls, and the red cheeks take him a special charm.
She’s good on sports and the totality of the subjects of school.
His interests are for example: climb, ski and other types of adventures sports and sing karaoke on Friday nights.
She’s a little timid but in general easy-going, about character his polite, generous and other good things, this make him one of the best girls of the world.
She was born on Barcelona in 1990 and stand on this city about 9 years.
Is my best friend because I can talk with her and I know that she won’t tell it to other people.

Zac Efron is a nice man, he has got brown hair, and a very beatiful blue eyes, his teth are white and perfect he’s a wonderfull man, is my ideal man, is beatiful, good person he’s sensacional.
He’s a sensacional actor, hi produced a lot of films, the most famous is high school musical, it’s a wonderfull film, and the final film he produced is hairspray.
He has got a lot of fans, I’m one of thems.
Zac has got girl-frien, she is very beatiful, an her name is Vanessa hugdens she is a sing star and actress, she is the protagonist with Zac in high school musical, they has got a friend-ship.


I’m going to describe my little cousin, her name is Carlota, and she has more o less three years. She is really charming, she is always smiling, but she is very shy with the people who don’t meet. She is a bit stubborn and she is compulsive and lively like any other child. I’m very surprised with her because she is very moody.
Maybe is little, but she said that she love fashion and a lot of days she walks like a model, it’s very funny when she does it!
She has a short fair hair with a fringe, she has amazing hazel eyes and little nose. Her lips are shinnies and smiling.
She love make-up and she hate brush her hair.
In general, she is spontaneous and witty.
She is the girl of the picture, I love her!!

Describing a person: Tintin

Tintin is the main character of a comic serie that is also called Tintin. These comic-books were written and drawn in the twentieth century by Hergé, a Belgian comic drawer. Tintin’s adventures are really exciting and active, but they are realistic too. In the adventures we can identify many geographical and cultural references of real places in the world.

Tintin is a medium-height young guy, he’s in his twenties. He isn’t well-built but he’s got a very athletic body. He’s got short ginger hair, with a characteristic fringe. His face is the most versatile face in the comic-book world. A round face with a little round nose, black little eyes and a mouth without lips helps the drawer to give Tintin all the expressions and makes really easy the work of dressing up Tintin as all the characters that the author wants. He sometimes wears a blue sweater, leather shoes and pirate brown trousers, but, I said after that he’s very good at dressing up as a lot of characters, so he can wear very different clothes.

He’s a really active person. In his adventures, when he travels all around the world, he has to use his physical and ingenious qualities, without he can’t survive extreme situations like crossing the rainforest or sleeping outdoors in the Tibet. Usually, his intelligence gives him the possibility to solve really strange and embarrassing situations.

Tintin is a reporter who works from a newspaper in a European city. We can say that he’s the ideal reporter, because he works for an impartial an foundered information. He likes above all to solve the darkest cases, and because that, he takes part in dangerous adventures and he fights the most important criminals in the world.

Tintin is always accompained by his dog, Milú. Milú is white little pekines dog. It's really adventurous and because that, it give a lot of problems to his master Tintin, but sometimes it helps Tintin to solve the most difficult cases, because it's very good at finding hide indications.


Bam Margerma is the best skater in the world for me.
His hair is dark, the eyes are blue, big and bright. His nose is wide, straight and pointed, and his mouth is small. He is average, but before he was well-built. He always wear trousers, shirts and sporting very wide.
Bam is very nice, in the pictures always smile and is very friendly.
He isn’t mysterious and private.
Bam in many films since he was a teenager with his friends.
His first film didn’t like some much to the people but the others have been very successful.
For me Bam Margera is handsome and is my ideal man. This is why I have chosen this artist.


Danny is a friendly and charming boy, and he looks so mature.
He is tall and average with a brown, straight and shiny hair.
His smile is very attractive and he has got grey bright eyes.
He usually wears a black jacket, white t-shirt, jeans and converse; he likes wear cool clothes.
He plays the guitar since he was a little boy and he loves this instrument, sometimes he plays footlball with his friends but he don't have more time because he is a musician and always is in a concerts or in other places, far of his family and home.
He has a great sense of homour and he always explain amused things!
But sometimes is a little bit talkative but in general people are funny with his jokes, he is really funny.

He can be sensible at times if he watch sick children or poor people; but in general he alaways smile and he is a very loyal person.


I’m describing one friend, Gerard, who has got dark, shiny and short hair.
He has got a good style of clothing, the last time when I was with he, was wearing a jeans and a grey jumper, normal clothing.
Gerard has got green eyes and doesn’t wear glasses. His nose is a little wide, and his mouth smiling and wide too. He look likes a actor but I don’t know the name of this.
The Gerard’s face is oval, he is more attractive and young, has got 19 years. With this age he is polite, cheerful, lively and a little shy, but he is the most friendly person I meet. He is nosy and sometimes he is crazy too.
Gerard doesn’t live in Pobla but he is one of my best friends.
He likes skiing, swimming and climbing, is a very sportist person, but he doesn’t like studying.
I meet Gerard in Barcelona, in a party, because he is a friend of my cousin Alba.

He is a good person!!


I am going to talk about the most attractive, of my point of view, woman in the world, Elsa Pataki. She was born in 1976 so she’s in her early thirties
She’s thin and short and so good-looking. She’s always well-dressed and neat.
She’s got bright eyes with a colour between green and grey, a beautiful nose, thick sensual lips and fair straight shiny hair.

I have never met her but I found in websites that she is a cheerful easy-going woman but sometimes she can be serious and polite.
His boyfriend, Adrien Brody, says that Elsa is a romantic woman and an amazing person with a big heart.
She is a hard working woman, now; she’s working in the film “Snakes on a plane”, and she has worked on other films.

People who don’t like Elsa Pataki, say that she’s all made of plastic and she’s sometimes moody, but I think that they only do that to degrade his image of perfect woman.

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2007

Why staying here?

It was a night, the darkest night, the moon was very big, and I was lying on the beach.
All my thinking were for him, I imagined that he was with me, but I woke up of my dream and I looked near to me and I realised that my imagination was doing her things.
So this made me start crying, none of this things would happen, because you were away from me.
The day of your death I thought my life was over, my mind was all dark, the only thing I could saw was our last image together. But three months passed from then and every day of my life were the worth.
And all this made me go to the beach, lay in the sand, think about him, watch the moon and then I realised that the best thing would be dying and going with him.