jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

Our feelings; Malta.

All started like a dream, I remember people from my class saying;
-Wow, could you imagine us in Malta? That's incredible!
We thought that was impossible to win the orator project but we were very convinced to do it, we were so excited to travel, to know people from other cultures, to change our feelings; to do some different things that we can not do in La Pobla that I think that was the reason we won.

We spent a lot of time on the project, but we do not mind; we have been filming as famous cinema producers, like in TV!
Moreover, during this period of time we have been together as never before, we have learned a lot of English traducing it and talking with the people from Malta.

When we realize we have won the contest, our dream became reality. Malta was great, besides, there were some people that have never flown, and was fantastic to share this feeling of nervousness between us.
Although all was great and we sunbathed a lot, the temperature was extremely hot! But it was funny to see the faces between us like zombies in desert.

miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009


During the last year we have been working in a school project, maybe, the best school project I have ever worked in. It is called The Enigma of Malta and it has given us the opportunity to work as cinema actors and producers. Moreover, the location of most of the sequences, Malta, gave us the opportunity to travel to this exciting place for actually few money.

The project started in the course of 1st of Batxillerat, when the students on the literature subject wrote an amazing thriller play. Then we translated it into English and filmed a thriller, which was given a prize. It included a two week trip in Malta, where we could film our outdoors sequences.

We started our project with lots of illusion. However, it was a lot of work, and the first parts were not the most interesting ones. I think the literature students enjoyed a lot writing the play, but the theorical research about Malta and the Knights of St John, and making some WebPages, was not the most enjoyable part of it, in spite of the interesting subjects we learnt about.

The part which has been the most interesting one is, from my point of view, filming it. It is true that we, the actors, had more work, because we needed to learn our text, but I think the recompense of being a character in a film is enough. Furthermore, I love playing theatre, so I enjoyed it a lot.

We had other things to do while we were filming. We divided in work-groups in order to record audio, video and other tasks in a cinema production group. I worked as the script, the audio recorder and the light-boy. I must recognise that these technical issues are not my favourite point, so I didn’t enjoy them a lot.

In conclusion, I loved working as an actor. However, I did not love so much other tasks, like translations, theorical research, or technical issues.

martes, 3 de junio de 2008

Vertical Mile Race Dispute next Saturday on Monteixo

On the 7 of June, when the sun goes down in the church square of Àreu, the shot will be given and will begin the Cuita del Sol, a race of the "vertical mile" type, where the goal him to rise to the 1600 meters of high from the village of Àreu until the peak of the Monteixo (2905 m) more quickly than the shadow of the sun.

The race is made in Àreu, but the tradition comes of Pessonada (Conca de Dalt), when on the day major party, the men singles of the village tried to climb up the Stone from Pessonada more fast than the shadow. That one who won choose the girl for dancing during the night.

The race is a party where the contest, the tradition and the love from the nature, is mixed everything in an environment friendly. They are 600 participants who “animen” the other ones while they rise to the mountain and other already go down, it's very comforting this situation.
The slope of the mountain, is made by night, which produces a beautiful show of lights for the mountain seen from the village.

lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

Rose from Rio Ebro

The Ebro River as it passes over Zaragoza keeps from 2.00 pm today a wealth around the 1,300 cubic meters per second, meaning that the flood is a very long time, even though the tip is expected, which will be in around the expected values, between 1,400 and 1,450 cubic meters.
According to sources explained the Hydrographic Confederation of the Ebro, the flows are "within the provisions", despite that being a grown by more rain is difficult to determine the behavior of the channel.
Thus, throughout the night flow ha ido rising slowly and steadily, from 1,302 cubic meters per second at 2.00 hours until the 1.359,44 from 10.00 am, with 1.321,36 at 4.00 pm and 1,340, 4 at 7.00. The tip of the flood is, therefore, very long, but has not yet reached their maximum levels, we do not know exactly when to arrive and are set around the 1,400 or 1,450 cubic meters.

Poll puts Zapatero ahead

The Spanish Prime Minister is set to clinch re-election on Sunday by a narrow margin, according to the results of a poll commissioned by The Times.
The survey, conducted by the Spanish polling company Sigma Dos, shows José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s Socialist Party beating its conservative rivals by 3.8 percentage points. That result would give the Socialists enough seats in Parliament to form a government but place them short of an absolute majority.
Spanish media are barred from publishing opinion polls in the five days leading up to the election but political parties and business groups continue to commission them. The results are traded widely among political and business elites but until now have been kept from ordinary Spaniards.

An English Boy Missing in The Alps

An English boy was disappeared for 24 hours, but at the end was found alive by two dogs.
On 22nd December, 16-years-old, boy was skiing in Avoriaz in ski resort in the French Alps. And suddenly he disappeared in the snow.
His parents were very sorry and call the police who arrived half an hour later with two dogs which looked after the boy for all day.
Everybody helped in the rescue, and finally the boy appeared under the snow sleeping, because he was very tired after skiing all morning.
His parents were so happy that they invented everybody who had taken part in the rescue to have some sandwiches and drink. The boy spent some hours in hospital to make him a check up, but he was inn perfect conditions.

Pobla’s Summer Festival

Like every year It is going to celebrate the Summer Festival.
This big party is locate in Pobla de Segur, a little village in Catalonia.

On 16,17 and 18th July, the celebrities of all the world, the best singers, and the most famous groups are going to there. Concerts, contests and crowd of people are going to be in Pobla this days. The people are very exited because they have never believe that this kind of celebration is going to celebrate in their own village. Pobla de Segur won a price in Internet about the people who listen often music, luckily, the residents of Pobla are obsessed with the music and make bands of music.

A grandma from Pobla told us that the best group that she has ever seen in Pobla was “Mojinos escocios”, now she is excited since she is going to see and listen Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones…
“We hope it is going to be the best festival in the world”- said a little boy.
According to the singers and famous people they think it could be.