domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008

Some tools to work with

Here you will find a tutorial about clickcaster.

And here you can learn how to enrich your podcast with background music.

Good luck!

Nasi's podcast

Here you have Nasi's podcast.

Quim's podcast

Hi everybody. Here you have Quim's podcast.

The address

Hi Noe, here you have the address you wanted. This one is for downloading the audacity so as to create your audio. In this other one you can get the embed to post your audio in our blog. Remember you have to get an address from yahoo first, then sign up for clickcaster, upload your file and finally get your embed.

Any problem just tell me.

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2008

hi Chapela, sorry i don't remember the adress for the web, that i need for upload the oral with audacity. can you give me the adress please!

thank you Chapela, and sorry for i don't remember.

For think

A king was until his garden and discovered that their trees, shrubs and flowers were dying. The Oak told him that was dying because he couldn't be as high as & Pine. Turned to & Pine, found him down because he couldn't give grapes as the Vineyard. And the Vineyard was dying because he couldn't flourish as & Rose. The Rose cried because he couldn't be high and strong as oak. Then found a plant, a strawberry, she flourishing. The king asked: How far is that healthy in way of this sad and rotted garden? the strawberry said:I don't know. Maybe it was because I assumed that when planted, wanted strawberries. Had you wanted an oak or a Rose, would have been planted.
At that time I said: "& Strawberry try to be the best way that it can." Now it's your turn. You are here to help with your fragrance. Just look at yourself. There is no possibility that you are someone else. You can enjoy and flourish watered with your own love for yourself, or you can to fade up on your own conviction...


It all began in London one winter night in1870. It was a very cold night.
Two good friends, John and Michael, were walking round London without a penny in their pocket and looking for somewhere to sleep.
They came to a very narrow street called Dove Street and they saw an empty house there. They went in. The house was dark, frightening and cold.
They went up stairs and they arrived at the top of the house.
There was a room with two beds, and they decided to sleep there.
In the middle of the night, one of them, John woke up, because he heard footsteps coming upstarirs.
He Immediately, woke Michael up.
Shortly after, the door of the room opened very slowly and something without a body came in.
John was so frightened that he couldn't move. He only sat and watched the terrible thing. Meanwhile Michael started to run downstairs and out of the house. He found a policeman and they went to the house.
They couldn't find John. A few minutes later they looked through the window and they saw John in the garden, he was dead.
Did John jump out of the window?
Or did the strange thing push him?

lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008


Norway, Paris, London, New York, Africa, Egyptian… Places… I love this places, I would like to spend part of my life in them.
All different, but all have something special. I want to take a plane and go for holiday, or to help people, who live in them, know the world.
These are my future plans, travel, travel and travel, for the moment I have to make do with going to Madrid 5 days with my friends, sure they will be great! As you can see I like so much travel!!


One day my friend Jorge and my, comes to the mountain on excursion. On the afternoon my friend Jorge playing and his leg was broke, and him towards much damage. My telephone non tapeworm network and I comes to the village and I phoned the ambulance and my friend Jorge comes to the hospital healthy and stable.

The wave of the river

One day, it was in Spring of 2006 and I was throwing rocks in the Flamicell River near my grandfather land.
Suddenly, I heard a big noise that it was coming me. And I saw a wall of water of 3 meters high and it was very dirty, I escaped very quiqly and the wall passed only a little difference of centimeters, but my bike, just when I took the wave passed and my bicycle was weted.
The wave was produced cause the tubes of the electric central were broken.

Your voices

Hi everybody, just a few lines to let you know my new idea for this blog. I would like to hear your voices. You know there is the possibility of recording your voice with an mp3, or the real player. The audacity programme is also a good possibility, since you can manipulate the recording, adding music or cutting what you don't like about it. You can download it in this address. What do you think of it?

domingo, 17 de febrero de 2008

The heeled-boots

Last su
mmer, I went to Amsterdam with my friends Misha and Leyla. We were supposed to stay there two weeks going to interesting places, knowing people… We were living in a really good hostel near the centre of the city, and all was amazing since the 16th of July. That day one tall fair-haired old man came to me in the reception of the hostel. He was curiously wearing two big heeled-boots, and asked us if we were models. We laughed a little bit and I quickly answered: - Yes! - What? – exclaimed Leyla and Misha - Yes we are. – I didn’t know the reason, but I was making it up. Then, the man gave to me the keys of a Ferrari that was parked, and a paper with an address written xxx. We reacted running fast to the car and driving it to the direction he had given to us. It was a house in another quarter of the city. Leyla and Misha went in, asking for the man and I waited for them outside, in my new Ferrari. Finally, after three hours they didn’t return, so I entered there. The girl of the reception said to me that she hadn't see anybody, and when I got out, the Ferrari wasn’t there. I started getting nervous, and I decided to search some little alley around the house. There, I saw my friends dead behind the window. I began to run, but suddenly I saw two big heeled-boots in front of me. I shouted a great whistle and I started to cry… [Here you have the new composition, about the structure of page 63,I hope you like it.]

martes, 12 de febrero de 2008

A dangerous parcel?

I was getting for work when the bell rang. It was the postman bringing me a very peculiar parcel. I made a signature in a paper and he left my home. I stayed three or four minutes looking at it, I wasn’t waiting for any box, and I didn’t know what it could be.
I took a look at the clock, I was late! Iput the package on my night table and I went running to work.

The days, was being normal, as any day I’ve lived. And I didn’t think anymore in the parcel.

At half past nine I arrived home. I still didn’t remember the box and I went, as any day, to have a shower.
When I got out of the shower everything was normal, I put my pyjamas and I went to have something for dinner.
Later, when I had already had dinner, I sat on the sofa to watch the television. But in a quarter hour I fell asleep.
I got up in a half our, or this was what I thought, I had a look at the clock and I had a surprise, it was half pas two at the morning! I went to my bedroom to sleep in my bed but when I came in, I saw something brilliant in my night table. I had a big surprise, my heart started to beat hard, and then, searching in my mind, I remembered the postman and the parcel. I calmed down, but there was something suspicious in the parcel. I went cautiously and slowly to my night table. My heart started to beat hard another time, I picked the box with my hands and I started to open it cautiously.
When it was opened a calmed music started to sound, and I started to laugh; it was a song box!

lunes, 11 de febrero de 2008

informal letter

Pobla de segur

Dear paula

How are you?. I’m fine. Thanks for you letter. I send you this letter because I want to tell you about my holidays. I spend some days of my holidays in Lisboa, is a great city and the capital of Portugal. There the people are generous and the weather is fantastic.

I visit some beaches of the city and I was sun bathing and relax there. My parents and I rent a boat to cross the sea and we see a lot of fishes near the beach. The sea in Lisboa are bit cold but I swim in, and I enjoy it.
Also we were in some museums because my parents want to visit them. We went to eat in some restaurants; there the food is very good and the quantity excellent. I ate very of taste !.

I can’t send you some photos because I leave the camera in my house !
I hope that the following holidays are like these and I enjoy so much as this year.
I wait your letter.

Keep in touch


Bar "la terrasaa"

Yesterday, Xicu, Cesar and I went to search some localications for our thriller.
At four o'clock, we were ready in front of Cesar's house and we had a list with some places for go.
First we went to cementery, and we located a place for recording.
Then, we went around the dose of Talarn, in the old, closed restaurant-pub “la terrassa-el quiosc”.
This installation is left since the building of the new road. It's a nice place, very nice place like a rocks on the water. And the view is one of the best of Pallars.
We had the idea, of recording one of the scenes in this place.
The photo isn't from the bar!!!

My Sunday


This Sunday I come to the ski trucks, do a wonderful day and Macaya and my skiing until two o’clock, at two o’ clock Macaya and my come to Pobla because we were with Cesar because come to the locations by the trailer the English. Cesar, Macaya and my comes to the terrasa of susterris and the cementery for record the film. At nine o’ clock come to home and this is my Sunday.

Your writings

Hi my dear, it seems there has been a problem with your writing tasks. You were supposed to write a story following the guidelines we discussed last Friday on page 63 of your students books, and not what you just decide to write about. You see, we are learning to write different types of documents, and each of them has a specific way to do it, so please try to follow the guidelines and be more attentive in class, so as to understand that when I say the topic is free, it doesn't mean that the form is also free. A narrative is a story that starts, progresses and finishes, and uses certain expressions and linking words. You must learn to write narratives, letters, opinion essays, etc following a specific pattern which will be of a great help next year when you deal with your selectivitat paper. Try to do your best and follow my advise.

domingo, 10 de febrero de 2008

Bad Drugs

I want to talk about the different drugs and these drugs are associated with some society collectives. One of these collectives is the TEKNO and some people said about them that it is a drugged collective. & Is truth that in Teknoparties you can find some types of drugs but & is in you election to try these.
The first drug and the most common in these parties is the cocaine it’s so hard because it destroy de neurons, but in comparison of the others it is a children game. The other unsuitable ting is the elevate vice that it provokes on we.
Ketamine is other of the drugs that people find on raves and for me it is the worst,& it destroys your neurons fastest than others and you become a zombie man.
And final, the speed, that with the name said accelerate you body in extreme and takes you a good sensation. The unsuitable is that your body become sick.

A bad weather prevision.

The Sun was shining when we left the mountain hostel at 7:00am. It was a very nice day, possibly the best day since we started our hiking route. The cow horn, a high peak near the refuge was our objective. Our group, whose components were the French man in the hostel, a tall and sportive woman, Elisa, my girlfriend, and I started the excursion.

At 12:00 am we were arriving at the cow horn. It was a critic point of the excursion. There we have to decide the rest of the route. The original idea we had was to continue to the Brave Horse Valley, where there was a very good hostel, but from the top of the Cow Horn we saw a cloudy and rainy weather in the walk to this valley. Because of that, we chose the other option. We turned on west to the Wuthering Lake Zone. Near Wuthering Lake there was another Hostel, it was smaller, and it hadn’t got hot water showers, but we chose it.

We started descending to the Wuthering Valley. In spite of its name, it wasn’t clowdy or rainy at first. The weather was sunny and warm, ideal for a good walk. But two hours later, about 2:00pm, the weather changed and it started to rain a lot. We where too far from the hostel, so we had to run a lot.

At that moment we run into a man, he looked so strange, but he guided us to the hostel. He said us that he was the guard of the hostel, and he was coming back there. He was responsible to take care of the animals in the area, so he was curing a brown bear. When we arrived there we heard on the radio : “ As it was predicted, the bad weather that was on the Brave Horse Valley during the morning traveled to the Wuthering lake on the afternoon.


Like every Tuesday, we finished the classes at one o’clock, and then we had free time. We were the same girls that come back to our homes, and all the Tuesdays we stopped at the Lottery place and bought some “rasca” that cost 0’50€ or 1’00€, but it doesn't matter if we win or not, it’s simple the custom of the Tuesdays. But we never won.
But these Tuesday was different, we were returning slowly to our homes, and we stopped and bought four rascas.
We started to scratch girl by girl, and when I started to scratch, suddenly I saw the prize of 3000€, I won!! All the girls were fascinated, it was amazing! I thought, it would be better to share the prize. We made a travel, and I spent the rest of the money as well as I could.

If I been a politican...

If I had the oportunity to be a politician, I would win the elections. I would obligate some people to build a house like The White House only for me and my work people. Then, I would go to the poor countries of the world and I would give some money, a little part of my money to the poor.
I’d buy a car if I had a lot of money. To win the elections I would do that the richest people would pay a little quantity of money and this would be for the poor people and for the 3r world people who are very poor, too.
If I were an important politic, I would give more oportunities to young people to buy a house, a flat, a car, ... and I would give more money for research of illness.