miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2007


Halloween is here and also castanyada. These are two festivals that have been traditionally celebrated on the Eve of October 31st. The Halloween customs we celebrate each October 31st began long ago. They came from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celtic people lived about 2,000 years ago in an area which we now call Ireland, The United Kingdom and France. The festival of Samhain marked the end of the summer, the harvest season, and the beginning of their new year. The Celtic people believe that on the night of October 31st, the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. They built huge bonfires and dressed in costumes to frighten the ghosts. The Celtic also offered the ghosts good things to eat. The modern customs of Halloween are similar to the customs of the Celtic people because many immigrants came to America and brought with them their beliefs and traditions.

If you want to know more about Halloween go to these addresses:

lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

My dog:
I’ll tell you about my dog. Its name is Lupi. It is my favourite dog. I love it, up to a point, of course.
When I’m alone it’s comes to my and when I’m sad too.
It is very expressive when it wants food it comes to me and look my, I know that it wants meal.
I can’t say more because my dog is my live. :p
I think that my Lupi realizes everything.
Perhaps the written is little but explain about my dog is difficult.
And I thought that the explained a joke. The people say that is very bad, but I think that is very good.
A friend tells his friend: “my brother is already 4 years old that’s he is going to a bike” and the other friend says him “Oooh, he already must stay very, very and very far”
For my, this joke is very funny.

I hope you like it.

Bye, bye.


I talk about London...
For me the best city in the world!!!
I dont know but I think that London is a different place, it's amazing, wonderfull, big, beautiful and very very especial!
The streets... the shops, the coffes, buildings... i love!
I never been in London but sometimes I image that I'm walking down the streets with my
friends or alone... and I'm feel so happy.
Big Ben is for me the best building in the city... but in general I love all of London!
I like British culture and I love english!! Really, is a good language and I hope to study
english when I'll leave the school.
And travel to London!!

A good afternoon in the sports centre of la pobla de segur

This afternoon at eight o’clock, I have been to the sports centre of la Pobla de Segur, has playing a friendly basketball match.
I was the shortest of all de people in the sports centre, JAJAJA… but it wasn’t a problem for me, I can run very fast and the other players are slower than me.
At the end of the first half time, the scoreboard was 32-40 for the enemies, but it wasn’t a problem for us. The problem was I and David Garin, we have doing only 4 points, 2 Garin and 2 I.
The second part or half time was better for us, the match finished 81-79 for me Team, but the best news, were the points scored by Garin and I.
In the second part, I have done two triples, and two simple baskets(2 points), and with the scoreboard 76-76, I Have done a decisive triple, It was great!!
Next Monday I will go again to the sports centre.

Bye-Bye Chapiii!!

My friend Manolo

My friend Manolo
Manolo is my friend since 1995, is the perfect friend is happy, graceful and amused.
Is the typical friend that is more attractive for the girls, and is a good person.
In real this text is for find the girlfriend for my friend, because this very sad, because your girlfriend the abandonment and this is single without none girl that enamours of.
And I go to talk about this.
Manolo is a boy more romantic and it likes the eat in the light of the moon with candles, and more like the the romantic films, and is a boy that likes look the dawn with your girlfriend, but today don’ t have a girlfriend and I the best friend of Manolo looking for this the beautiful and very good girlfriend.
All the woman looks hear I hope yours call in the number 654987123.

Thank you for the participation and good by.

Xavi Gallart Munich


Last Sunday, we were on a pub taking about dead. Sudenly, one of my friends, Steve said that he would like sleep on the tumb of the cementery, if someone gave 10000$.
Then Charles accepted the bet. The other people were surprised because Charles never accepted this tipes of games.
We met that night at 12:00 pm in front of the cementery with Steve. He carried a tent because he didn´t want to have cold at night. We helped him to prepare his things for the night.
One hour later Steve was alone in the cementery, but we had meet to him on the morning of the next day. We went to sleep very quiet because we don’t believe on spirits.
It was 9:00 am of Monday, an we were walking to arrive at the cemntery, while we saw a crazy man who remained Steve. We couldn’t believe!

I won’t never forget that morning!!!

Gemma Solé.

domingo, 28 de octubre de 2007

Wonderful day

It’s so pleased thinking about nothing, no responsibilities, no preoccupations…a simple day.
I wake up, there are a big sunny in front of my windows, the door is open and my room is a completely mess.
I’m disorientated, but I sleep very well.
It’s Saturday, I love Saturday mornings, nothing to do. Only one thing is waiting me, the breakfast.
I wake up very slowly and I take some biscuits that there are next to me, near the table. I take my housecoat, and I’ll go quickly at the bathroom.
While the bath is filling of water, I’m undressing and turn on the music.
I have a relax bath with a lot of foam, and it smells delicious… my ears are listening “deliver me-sarah brightman & enya”.
I hope today I’ll be a wonderful day. I’m not looking at the time, I can stay here until I want.
Surprised, my heart is palpitating as fast as it can. Someone is knocking at the bathroom’s door. The door is opening very slowly and someone says me:
-close your eyes, and only listen, confide in me…
I recognise this voice and I close my eyes.
He whispers me words of love into my ear, and when I’m opening my eyes, he kisses me as nobody never had kissed me.
Then, we disappear in the depths of waters, among our bodies…

litlle red ridding hood

Once upon a time there was a girl called little red ridding hood. She lived with his mother in a little house in the forest.
She had a grandmother. One day his grandmother was ill and she went to her grandmother to give her food. But when she was walk throught the forest, she found the wolf. The wolf asked her where she went and she said that she went to her grandmother because she was ill. The wolf, began run to the house of the grandmother and when he arribed he ate the grandmother. When the little red ridding hood arrived to the house she entered and saw the wolf in the bed, and she asked, grandma what big eyes you have!
They are to see you better. After she asked grandma what big nose you have!
It is to smell you better.
Then she asked grandma! What big mouth you have it ia to eat better! Little red ridding hood started to run.
Later one hunter shot the wolf and the wolf died, later the hunter open the tammy of the wolf and took out the granmother of little red ridding hood,the little red ridding hood and the granmother ambrace!
This is a very famous fairy tale, and a lot of fathers and mothers explain this book at his sons!

Noemí Dolset Espinosa

The TV becomes alive!

It was a dark night, with a lot of dark clouds, but it didn’t rain. I was with my family in the living room, watching the TV and suddenly a lightning fell off and touched the TV antenna. Sheet! The TV broke up! We’d have to choose a different way of amusement.

We decided to play cards. We were playing bridge, and I was wining when an other lightning fell off and touched the antenna too, but this time, it repaired itself, and the image returned.

We where talking about finishing the game when the TV fell of the little table and started to jump very high. It started to run and it hided behind the sofa. I and my little brother caught the TV. It started to do loud noises, but we caught it more. Then, a big mouth with sharpened teeth appeared on the monitor. It started trying to bite us so we loosened the TV. It ran away.

It went upstairs where the desk is placed. It started to crush all the papers on the table. It destroyed too my English homework, so, I had to remake it the next day. It destroyed a dictionary and the book that my mother was reading. Luckily, the library had got doors and they weren’t broken. It went to the stair and it went downstairs. It moved for all the flat, it went to the kitchen, to the rooms. It broke the sheets, the wardrobe... And it went to the window. It jumped and it broken up. The next day the electric employee took it to the factory and they repaired it.

So, I give you a piece of advice, if there is a storm, turn off the TV!

Free topic Composition

Cjapela, we are near of Halloween so i made a Horror Composition. Here you are:

One day, an ordinary day, when I woke up, as a normal day I went to the kitchen to prepare something to have breakfast. In the kitchen there was my father, but…
Oh! He wasn’t my father! He was ghost!
I was a little bit slept so I didn’t believe it and I rubbed my eyes and cleaned my glasses. But there was still a ghost there!
- Good morning, Nasi – Said the ghost
- Good morning – I answered afraid
- How have you slept, my son?
- Go…good – I realized it was my father but I didn’t understand anything.

He continued having breakfast normally and I started to prepare mine. Then my mother arrived, but…what? She was a witch!
- Good morning Nasi, good morning honey- said her
- Good morning – answered my father
- Hello mum – I was more and more afraid but I continued hiding

I had breakfast and I went to watch TV, I ever watch Doraemon at mornings!
Ten minutes later, my brothers woke up and came to the living room.
Oh no! It couldn’t be real! They were a zombie and a Frankenstein!
- Good morning Nasi – Said they to me at the same time
- Go…good… - I wasn’t able to talk – Good…morning

I was so scared. My home was a horror castle! A witch, a ghost, a Frankenstein and a zombie!
I went quickly to the bathroom to have a shower and leave home as fast as I can, but… when I looked me at the mirror, my tooth were pointed, my lips were red, my face was so white and bright, my hair was black and I was wearing a long coat…


miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007

Maria Antonieta

Here you have the trailer from the film Maria Antonieta. I thought you would like to know about this unfourtenately queen of France, famous for having been beheaded.

martes, 16 de octubre de 2007


Many times I thought how I wish it were my date ideal...
At times I find myself on a beach of white sand, palm trees and the sun sink into the horizon of the sea.
Or next to a mountain river that run happily among meadows covered with wild flowers. Other times I am on the top floor of a skyscraper contemplating the stars of sky.
Perhaps in an intimate and romantic restaurant ...
Maybe walking on the streets deserted and illuminated by the moon in a big city.
Or in a cosy hut listening to my favourite music while I look through the windows as the snow fall, his white mantle across the landscape.
But I truly believe the ideal date is to be with the ideal person who helps me feeling happy, laugh, think and sometimes to mourn. This is the time and place where I would want stay.

My first date

My first date, was in 2001. I met one girl of La Bisbal for the great party, in a small park in the centre of the village there is a beautiful restaurant.
I phoned to the restaurant the day ago of the date and I said "I want to take a table for tomorrow".
The day after this, I went to the restaurant with romantic flowers and I gave this to the girl. Then we came into the restaurant and about fifteen minutes the dinner was at the table. After dinner we went to an other small village in the Costa Brava, Calella, and we had a romantic night.
From this date I stay with this girl three good years till we split up in a big argument.

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

My perfect date

Always have in my mind a image of my special date...
I run down the street a little street in London; because I love this city!
It's late but my heart goes bum!
He is waiting me at the end of the street... and I'm very nervous.
He looks me with a simple smile and said:
- Hello!
He's not like Brad Pitt, but I love his eyes and his smile is so sweet.
I said:
- Hello... How are you?. And the nerves explote! But I'm feel happy.
We laugh because my face look's so funny! And he take my hand...
Then I don't have any idea, because it depence of the person or the situation, but when you're with
the person that you love... the rest doesn't matter.
Walk, go to the cinema, talk, eat... I don't know, all is perfect this day!

: )

My perfect day

At present there are no more day, because couples are no longer to leave but that what has to happen, will happen at the time you have to spend.
I do not have an idea of a perfect quote because, sincerely, I would not take it, because I find it a bit pathetic that two people are to star a relationship.
I think that when two people love each other, they do not have to have an day to prove.
But if I had to choose my quote would be perfect in a nightclub, to be able to dance and fun.
Although I prefer that emerges alone and not having to prepare.

My Perfect date

My best date, it would be in a terrace of a restaurant in a city as a beautiful and wonderful city, like Barcelona, with a moon and precious a few bright stars, eating a sweet seafood with prawns, crabs, crab etc.
I would like to give she a kiss, and ask she the marriage, and that she accepts the marriage.
But, I feel strongly that more of a relationship or date with a girl, is his personality, I appreciate the kindness, wisdom and love.
Then, as all the kids, I like beautiful girls, and with a good physic.
But I don't think that, there isn't a perfect date for me.

soy el Koen, pero te la cuelgo desde el blog del sergi.

A perfect date

I’m in front of a high building, the highest building in the city. I come inside it, and I go up to the last flat in an elevator. There’s a large room with so big windows and an amazing view of the city.
I have a look at the room, there’s a cosy bed with two big cushions. Near the bed there’s a table with two glasses of champagne. In front of it there’s a warm hearth.
I lie down on the bed, waiting for the person you’ve got to meet there and thinking about her.

Suddenly, I hear the elevator coming up, and the nerves I haven’t felt last hours explode. They are becoming bigger by moments.
And then <> The elevator has arrived. The doors are being opened and I start to see that person. She’s not an amazing woman, but she’s got something that makes me have my eyes trapped in her. She has a look at the room, and she comes to my bed. I say hello returns me the greeting.

I invite her to lie down next to me in the bed, and I start the conversation with the typical moving comment:
- There’s a good view from here, isn’t it?

My perfect date

My perfect date was in the year 1999.
The girl who was in love say: Xavi this night in my house has a party, goes? and my yes I goes in your house what time?
At ten o’ clock in the house of Melisa I think my heart was exploited the emotion.
In this night my say a Melisa I love you and I want to leave with you.
And Melisa say me I love you!
And Melisa and I are a boyfriends.
In 2005 Melisa and I are married in England and today in 2007 are a two children’s and are very happiness.

Xavi gallart munich

my perfect day

My ideal Date.

My perfect date may be a special day of my life.
First I have to be with the person who I love and this person has have dark hair, not very tall, with big trousers and sweters of music groups. He has also to play some music instruments and the most important is his personality, to be a good person and has similar ideology.
Then the perfect place isn’t a restaurant or something like this, it would be a quiet place and important for us. I think that this isn’t the most important, you can not plan where will you go it depend a lot on the situation.
My ideal person exists but we have never had a date and I think will be with him and it doesn’t matter the place.
In conclusion what you have to choose is the ideal person and with him the place will be perfect too.

The perfect date

It’s seems like “all is pink”… like “it went well, it was funny and you said I was a cutie”.
I think, at the perfect date doesn’t matter where you are, what are you doing or what are you eating or thinking if you are with the person that you love. If you are with him, you are so happy, the rest doesn’t matter.
Watching television, eating ice-cream, listening music, playing with something… what ever you want.
Laughing, smiling, looking at the other person, listening him, all is important for a date.
I don’t know exactly what it’s for me the perfect date, I think the only important is the person who you meet at a date. If he/she is boring, the most probably is that the date will be boring…
And be cautious or you’ll have a pie in your face!!
If you have a self esteem, and you know the person, the date will be great.

Judith Amores

An Ideal Date:

It was a dark winter night. Liz and I lived by this time in a village in the mountains, near a little skiing resort. I liked a lot skiing, by this time I worked as a skiing instructor in the resort. Liz called me by phone. She said that she reserved a table in a very good restaurant. It was in a high place, near the top of highest peak in the station.

When Liz went to my house I was wearing really elegant clothes. A shirt, elegant trousers, shoes… And Liz told me that I had to wear my skiing suit. She said that in that place it would be very cold and wet and she said also I was more interesting with it. I putted on it. Then we went to the snow motorbike station and we caught a snow motorbike. We went by it to the Restaurant. It was called “The Refuge”.

When I was going into the Restaurant Liz stopped me and said that we have to trough the other door. When we arrived in the other face of the Restaurant, she caught a pair of skis that were on the wall and said: ‘Can you catch me?’ And she started to go down from the mountain. I caught my skis and I went out behind them. The mountain was very high so we go down for a lot of time. Then, she went into the forest and I went behind her. She stopped, and I stopped too. She said: ‘I Love you!’ And I answered: ‘Me too!’ and I kissed her lips.

martes, 2 de octubre de 2007


Hi Chapela!
How are you?¿


hello chapela!!