jueves, 31 de enero de 2008

Village or city

As you know, I’m from Pobla, some days I think I’m lucky for live in here, because maybe it could be worse, but I think here I’m wasting the time. Villages are boring, unless you are a grandma, or grandpha, or maybe if you have your husband/wife and you’ll have children, but for teenagers, it’s quite similar all the days.
We can’t do anything special, specialy in winter. From my point of view, Pobla is great in summer, where you can do a lot of things, for example; go to the river, the lake, the swimming pool, in general you can do more exciting things than the city, but in winter, in Pobla returns the tedium. All the people in the village are at home, and the only thing we can do is going to ski, or going out with your friends to have a coffee or a drink at night.

But I’m the kind of person, that think “where you go, you’ll have good time, if you have a good sense of humour, or good friends, or nice day… or…whatever you want..” like the song : Don’t worry, be happy.

Living in a town or in a city

Living in a town like La Pobla de Segur is fun in its own way. There are many activities for Teens, but if you have a park for children, an old pool and rooms recreation for the elderly, who do not want to stay in home without doing anything, but in the end is okay. But I would like to go to a city, to see the difference in place to meet new people, new places, and fun different… but never forget my people and they are great friends and I hope that always are. But the people are nicer, calmer and not as much stressing in the city.

Being young in a mountain village

Some people say that it's difficult to be young in a mountain village. I think that they are wrong, because living in a mountain village has got of course disadvantages for the youth, but the advantages are more important than them.

The principal advantage that we’ve got in a mountain village is our freedom. Since we are very little children we can go out alone, without any adults, and, of course, we can go out at night younger than young people who lives in the city, which aren't allowed to do that.

Another advantage is the contact with the nature. We are very near it, and if you love, like me, hiking and cycling and other sports in the nature, you can practice that. You only have to do two metres and you are in the middle of the nature.

I said that there are disadvantages for the youth in la Pobla. First of all, we haven’t got a lot of things to do here. We can’t play exotic sports, we can’t go to a good cinema or to good discos, we can’t assist to a concert of our favorite music star, we haven’t got good shops… If you want to do all these things you have to move to a bigger place, like Lleida or Barcelona.

Another disadvantage is our future. If we want to study a University degree we have to move to another city, because we can’t commute to Lleida each day with public transport, and some young people haven’t got car, and the same if we want to work in a good job related with our studies, we have to move to other places, because a lot of qualified careers aren’t offered in our area.

But in spite of these disadvantages, I think that la Pobla is a good place for live, and I’m very well here.

I like living in la Pobla de Segur

I like living in la Pobla de Segur because it is more quiet and there isn't pollution. In a village every body know you; however, in a big city you can walk by the street and nobody says anythink to you. The avantatges of living in a city are there is & cinema, hospitals, shops and lot of places to go. on the other side, there isn't forest, mountains and lakes. The advantatges of living in a village is that you can stay in the street quiet, climb in the mountain, ride horse, skiing and rafting.
In conclusion, I prefer living in a village because the vision is more beautiful and it is safer because there isn't violence and drugs.

Village or city

I’m love living in the village because the city is more stressing, and in the village & is more calm, although in the city there are many but things: bars and discotecs, and more shopping centres, but the village is more beautiful because there are many mounts and everything is green.
In conclusion, I’m prefer the village because is better than the city, love the mounts and the green colour.


I think that make a decision about this is so hard because the two options have his advantages and disadvantages.
For example in a city you can find more services in less time than in a village, but if you have children in a small village they can play on the street without dangers.
Other examples are the pollution that you breathe in a town; in a village you hadnt it. Good for the cities are the parties that the people make in it's and more examples.
But my conclusion about this answer is the solution that a lot of people are using now, from Monday to Friday on the city and the weekends in the village.
Hi Chapela!
I have got problems with your blog, I can't correct the composition.

Good bye!

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2008

A wedding

Seven years ago I went to a night wedding. This wedding was celebrated in Cellers. The bride is the cousin of my aunt. The Mass was celebrated in Arinya and the dinner was celebrated in Cellers.
The people were smart cloths: women wore long dressers and the men wore & suit.
I think that the mass was very boring but then T had a lot of fun.
The dinner was exellent and sophisticated.
After the dinner, the dancing began. Old people and children, started to jump and do silly things. Other people were at the bar drinking.
We stayed there until six o’clock in the morning. We weren’t tired and some friends and I went to have breakfast.

martes, 29 de enero de 2008

I think that the privacy, the intimacy and the secret of the communications are fundamental rights, however, the guarantee of these rights isn't so simple inside a field, of Internet.
Today, there aren’t mechanisms to effectively monitor the use of personal information, photos or videos of people into the internet. In our country there is only a code of ethics of the Association of Electronic Commerce, whose registration is voluntary, so there is no obligation to neither comply with anything outside the moral commitment of each neither company neither sanction in the event of violation of the right to privacy.
The hackers who enter without any problems in our computer can get all the information that we have.
I would also like to comment on the intrusion they can do in our emails or chat the hacker legal (the police, not groupJ). They can hear or read all, there isn't impunity. I think we all agree that thanks to them have been arrested “paedophile rings” or terrorist, but what are the limits or controls? What they do with the millions of obtaining information that is unrelated to the investigation? Should we sacrifice our privacy for the security?...In short, I believe that the privacy and intimacy not exist into the internet.


lunes, 28 de enero de 2008

I think that, scientific research is very important, not only for cloning animals, but for cloning people.
I agree in clonin animals because I think & can be a great help for the medicine. for example, if an anainmal is cloned & can help researches to clone a liver to a human.
cloning animals can be very useful to see & animals genetic, is similar that the human genetic. To sum up, researches can compare.

Have we got to be worried?

This winter, is being hotter than last years. I don’t want to alarm you, but I think that this is the first symptom of the climatic change.
In my opinion and about things I’ve heard, we are in danger, not this year, or the next but yes in fifteen or twenty. And in fifteen years, I hope, we’ll still living and we’ve got to fight now to make a better future for us and for our sons.
Because people say that we aren’t in danger, that this is only another hot winter as the others we’ve had, but I’m worried, I don’t think that this is a normal winter, and if we don’t save the earth, who will do it for us?
In a nut shell, the earth is ill, and with our actions, we can save it or not.

Reading, the key of success

Reading is, from my point of view, a really complete activity, and also an important way to learn. It’s really important for the people in our society to read, if you read you’ll be near of your success.

First of all reading is an amazing way to study a language. By reading you’ll learn a lot about the language. Spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing… all these aspects will improve if you read a lot. If a child reads a lot since he’s really young, he’ll be able to talk and write better in the future.

In addition, reading is amazing. When you read you can imagine your stories as you want. It’s an extra intellectual effort, but it’s at long recompensed. Because reading develops your imagination in a society where everything is straight and that don’t help people develop their imaginative profile. And above all, reading is amusing. An amusing way to learn. If you think a little about that, you’ll realize that there aren’t a lot of activities with them you learn and you have fun.

Finally, reading you grow up as a person. Books are full of important lessons for your life. Books teach you about friendship, love, honor, working… These bonds that aren’t really supported in the modern society, will make you more sociable and good person.

In short, reading is, from all views, a good habit.

The week

Today is a very boring day, because today is Monday and tomorrow Tuesday it will be the same because in the morning I’m coming at the school, but the Wednesday I’m a very happy because at the afternoon don’t come at the school and play for the street.
The Thursday I’m a very happy because nothing else they are left two days for the weekend, and at the weekend come to the ski track, and the Friday I’m very happy because at the afternoon don’t go to the school and the weekend come to the ski track.

Now & is when I to knew the difficult that has to be done to do a good task.
To do a good project and to be able to win the scholarship of the Orator, we all have to work.
In my view, there are many desires of doing it and I believe that we enjoyed to recording and helping in what each one can.
Many people is needed for & that it well, since we are working as professionals! Without hurries, everything we will obtain it!!
In spite of the arguments and misunderstandings (is normal), we have to laugh and enjoyed, because in a few months when we take the plane, we will not forgotten all these bad moments!!


In our own life we can’t understand the totality of the events. For example: why one day we have bad luck all the day? Or why the planets move on those orbits?
Edward Lorenz “answers” these questions in 1963; he was a scientist of the MIT (Massachusetts Iechnologic Institute) and created two or three equations and a theory, called Chaos theory, who still helps to understand these uncertain events. But it’s not developed enough to make us understand specify movements or things.
The Chaos theory talks about these irregular movements that in appearance haven’t got relation, but if you apply these equations you can find the relation between them and their solutions. The best example is the investigation that Lorenz did in 1963. In the beginning of the investigation, the events developed correctly but one morning Lorenz woke up and thank that they could use three decimals instead of six to save time and paper and then was when the chaos appears.

firts sequence

Yeterday we recorded the first sequence of our thriller, and I am impressed , because of the infrastructure that we built, an infrastructure made humil but acceptable.
The recording was made in the library of our IES. There was a planning to record the scenes, first there were some problems with the sound until the micros arrived from Raiers school. The sounds was controled from a portatil computer and the more of one records were saved there. A monitor connected with the camera visualized the images of the scene, the director was observing all time of recording the monitor while the camera was recording for controlling all things. The lights was with a light of garden focus with a complements built by industrial tecnology.There were the actors and a secundary. And for finishing the recording of the sequence there was the clapperboard, and when the boss in sequence give the order for begining, the clapperboard sound and all in silence

jueves, 24 de enero de 2008

This is the price the celebrities have to pay for their fame.

Sometimes the press is too gossip. There are the consequences that the celebrities are continuously stressed and saying things like “I can’t live without cameras, it’s impossible, I hate press!”.

If you watch TV or read a magazine you realize that all the time is the same “celebrities, famous people, singers, the fame..” because of this, some people think that became famous is the paradise; -you earn a lot of money you have a big house and you have the perfect family-. But this is not true, things like wake up and think about no responsibilities, no preoccupations for the press…

It’s so comfortable a simple day. You can wake up and then, throw the rubbish and you have a horrible face, horrible hair… but this doesn’t matter! For the celebrities nothing else matters that the press doesn’t criticize them.Sometimes I think it’s great not to be famous.
You wake up, a big sunny in front of your windows, the room is a completely mess, you sleep well, nothing to do…only one thing is waiting, the breakfast.Maybe, this is the price we have to pay for our fame, just simple life. Then… if we pay this price, why can’t they pay their price?What was once a sign of individuality, has become a status symbol, a bare victim of mass production. Be your own idol. Your own celebrity be yourself, be individual, be a person with a personality expression, be original, be you.

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2008


Here you have the translations. Please check that everybody has their part. Some of you hadn't corrected the last versions, and I have been wasting a lot of time trying to make sense of them. Unless you take it seriously, I just abandon the project.
On the other hand, somebody has to "formatearlo" so as the English version looks exactly the same as the Catalan one.

viernes, 18 de enero de 2008

English Vozme

Here you have a program called Vozme where you can listen your pieces of writing:

viernes, 11 de enero de 2008

The Final Version of Malta's Enigma

I'm sorry, but you will have to devote this weekend to update your translations of the script. Here you have the final version of the play.

martes, 8 de enero de 2008

Malta's Enigma

Hier you can download the last version of the script.

Remeber that you MUST translate ALL the scenes, but Not the comments that are written inside brackets, and that refer to how you must act / perform in the play. Review your translations to check if they are different from the version I gave you at Christmas.