jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2007

The Golden Compass

Here you have the first film based on the trilogy of Philip Pullman His Dark Materials. It is a fantastic adventure that will take you to the other worlds that surround us. Do your best to go to the cinema and watch it.

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2007


I think that the shools should teching students how manage their emotions.At the moment, teachers only grow the intel·lectual qualities, and not the emotional intelligence. A “perfect student” will study, but his free time is not funny (drink, going to bar, playing games...), this student may be out of society, he will have a good job and a lot of money, but his social (and emotional) living will be unexsistent.
This perfect student will convert like a machine for prodution, he win his money at final month, Saturdays will go to big galeries of the city or he will escape out the town.He will be a modelic person, but his living will be very boring.


lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2007

Behaviour at School

Should Schools be responsible for teaching students how to manage their emotions?

Our society is now starting the beginning of changes, nowadays, the school doesn’t have to educate the pupils.
Twenty, or thirty years ago, the school was totally different from now, the teachers can educate the pupils as they want to

I think the things are changing, like us, like all the people in the world. Sometimes & is good or bad, but I think it’s good that ourselves or our parents only, they can manage our emotions.
Sometimes the 3rds persons are bad for the behaviour and it’s more important the education at home than at school.

If you want, you can decide, but the schools shouldn’t be responsible about the behaviour of the pupils in the classrooms. The parents or family, are the only who should educate them.

Judith Amores

- School and Emotions

- Should Schools be responsible for teaching students how to manage their emotions?

This is an important question or subject that is, in the last years, in mouth of everybody. It worries all the educative community, so parents, pupils, teachers and other education employees, are discussing a lot about it.

From my point of view is important that schools teach students in their emotions, because, in some cases, parents, that are the people who have to do it, didn’t respond at their obligations. I’m not only talking about irresponsible parents, that are however bad at this point too, I’m talking about too responsible parents who think that it’s only important for their children to have good school marks, so they only worry about their studies, but not other basic aspects on their education.

Because of that, I think that is important to teach emotional qualities in schools. In my opinion, the best age to teach it is in Primary School, where the children are really influenced by their parents. If their parents weren’t a good influence, as in some cases happens, school specialists would help them a lot. If their parents were a good influence, as happens in the majority of the cases, school would reforce family’s action, giving the child, in all of the two cases, the opportunity to grow up well emotionally and cultural. This growing up will help a lot those children that, in the future, will be adult persons, to face the life difficulties.

Shortly, teaching children in emotional qualities is an assurance for the society of the future.
Are the schools responsable to manage the emotions?

I think we haven't to about the emotions in the school, because each person is different of the other people and the teachers don’t know how to manage their pupils emotions.
Each person must learn to manage his emotions and manage it in his own way. Teachers also must learn to manage their emotions, before teaching because they must know how to manage their emotions.
But the intention here is to listen the other people and thank them for the advice.
I say this thinking as a teacher, this is my opinion.

Xavi Gallart Munich

Workbook Exam practice (page 4) An opinion essay: Should Schools be responsible for teaching students how to manage their emotions?

Should Schools be responsible for teaching students how to manage their emotions?

In my opinion, schools are made for teaching, and where we’ve got to learn to manage our emotions, it’s at home.
Obviously, at school, we’ve got to learn, but we’ve got to learn languages, mathematics or history, and where we’ve got to be taught it’s at home.

Maybe some irresponsible parents, will disagree with me, they’ll say that the children have got to be educated at school, or maybe, some parents, will say that their son or sons are perfect and they don’t need teaching to learn how to manage his their emotions, but I think, that at home, parents’ work is too important. They’ve got to make us something with future, they’ve got to teach us as the people that we are and explain us how to manage our emotions.

For example, anciently, if you were punished by a teacher, when you arrived at home, you were punished another time by your parents. And nowadays, it’s totally different, if in the school a teacher punishes you, your parents will defend you and, in some cases, they’ll go to the school and they’ll argue with the teacher because “His son is a good boy, it couldn’t be that he made this!”

In conclusion, I think that at school teaching, and at home educating. And think at it, because we can consider us fortunate people for the parents we’ve got.

domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2007

My trabell to Argentina

This is my fourth day in Argentina. The people are very nice,
but they changed since the latest time.
I don't know.
Well, I'm with my family. A once part live in "Las Rosas" (where I'm)
and the other part live in "El Trobel".
but my family are distribution around Argentina.
Bye, Bye to the warm.