lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

Pobla’s Summer Festival

Like every year It is going to celebrate the Summer Festival.
This big party is locate in Pobla de Segur, a little village in Catalonia.

On 16,17 and 18th July, the celebrities of all the world, the best singers, and the most famous groups are going to there. Concerts, contests and crowd of people are going to be in Pobla this days. The people are very exited because they have never believe that this kind of celebration is going to celebrate in their own village. Pobla de Segur won a price in Internet about the people who listen often music, luckily, the residents of Pobla are obsessed with the music and make bands of music.

A grandma from Pobla told us that the best group that she has ever seen in Pobla was “Mojinos escocios”, now she is excited since she is going to see and listen Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones…
“We hope it is going to be the best festival in the world”- said a little boy.
According to the singers and famous people they think it could be.

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