lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

The arrival of the electronical tickets

The air companies members of the International Assossiation of the Air Transport (IATA), which are the 90% of the total, have stopped the using of paper tickets. From now on, the ticket will be electronic. This has been done to save the economical and ambiental costs. According to the IATA, every year, it will save 50.000, and the economical save will be higher, because, if the paper ticket costed 8,5 euros, the electronical will cost 0,80, thing that will make save 3.000 dolars to the air companies.

The origins of the paper tickets are in the 1920. In the early years, the tickets were different between the companies but they became all the same. The first electronic ticket was used in 1994 but the avolution to the elctronics has been slow, in 2004, only a 19% of the tickets were electronical.

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