jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

Our feelings; Malta.

All started like a dream, I remember people from my class saying;
-Wow, could you imagine us in Malta? That's incredible!
We thought that was impossible to win the orator project but we were very convinced to do it, we were so excited to travel, to know people from other cultures, to change our feelings; to do some different things that we can not do in La Pobla that I think that was the reason we won.

We spent a lot of time on the project, but we do not mind; we have been filming as famous cinema producers, like in TV!
Moreover, during this period of time we have been together as never before, we have learned a lot of English traducing it and talking with the people from Malta.

When we realize we have won the contest, our dream became reality. Malta was great, besides, there were some people that have never flown, and was fantastic to share this feeling of nervousness between us.
Although all was great and we sunbathed a lot, the temperature was extremely hot! But it was funny to see the faces between us like zombies in desert.