miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009


During the last year we have been working in a school project, maybe, the best school project I have ever worked in. It is called The Enigma of Malta and it has given us the opportunity to work as cinema actors and producers. Moreover, the location of most of the sequences, Malta, gave us the opportunity to travel to this exciting place for actually few money.

The project started in the course of 1st of Batxillerat, when the students on the literature subject wrote an amazing thriller play. Then we translated it into English and filmed a thriller, which was given a prize. It included a two week trip in Malta, where we could film our outdoors sequences.

We started our project with lots of illusion. However, it was a lot of work, and the first parts were not the most interesting ones. I think the literature students enjoyed a lot writing the play, but the theorical research about Malta and the Knights of St John, and making some WebPages, was not the most enjoyable part of it, in spite of the interesting subjects we learnt about.

The part which has been the most interesting one is, from my point of view, filming it. It is true that we, the actors, had more work, because we needed to learn our text, but I think the recompense of being a character in a film is enough. Furthermore, I love playing theatre, so I enjoyed it a lot.

We had other things to do while we were filming. We divided in work-groups in order to record audio, video and other tasks in a cinema production group. I worked as the script, the audio recorder and the light-boy. I must recognise that these technical issues are not my favourite point, so I didn’t enjoy them a lot.

In conclusion, I loved working as an actor. However, I did not love so much other tasks, like translations, theorical research, or technical issues.