martes, 3 de junio de 2008

Vertical Mile Race Dispute next Saturday on Monteixo

On the 7 of June, when the sun goes down in the church square of Àreu, the shot will be given and will begin the Cuita del Sol, a race of the "vertical mile" type, where the goal him to rise to the 1600 meters of high from the village of Àreu until the peak of the Monteixo (2905 m) more quickly than the shadow of the sun.

The race is made in Àreu, but the tradition comes of Pessonada (Conca de Dalt), when on the day major party, the men singles of the village tried to climb up the Stone from Pessonada more fast than the shadow. That one who won choose the girl for dancing during the night.

The race is a party where the contest, the tradition and the love from the nature, is mixed everything in an environment friendly. They are 600 participants who “animen” the other ones while they rise to the mountain and other already go down, it's very comforting this situation.
The slope of the mountain, is made by night, which produces a beautiful show of lights for the mountain seen from the village.